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You people

2011-05-28 01:31:01 by killerkaveman

So going around Newgrounds, I see many people vote as to whether a comment is useless or helpful. I see many comments that are just retarded, and then I see ones that actually have valid feedback. When I see the comments containing valid feedback voted as "Useless" I get a little pissed. Just because some of you die hard fans may not like the the idea that people have something honest and possibly helpful to suggest to you beloved artists, doesn't mean you have any right to vote their well thought out comments to be useless. Fuck you if you want to keep your dicks up your pride hole, but their will always be people with something "Helpful" to say. There's no "like" or "dislike" button, so lets treat it that way.

It's been a while since I was a hard core Newgrounds visitor. Now that I have a pretty decent amount of time between work and college, I am back and better than ever with my criticism. I wish I had more in the ways of submitting my own flash cartoons and music, but I dont know of any appropriate software for such a job; otherwise, I'd be making plenty of videos for your viewing/judging pleasure. So if you want to chat or receive votes and positive criticism on your works, I am your man! Also, if you have any good flash programs to recommend to someone as unexperienced as I am, I would like to know. Hell, I would love to know! Thank you Newgrounds for all the entertainment that you provide, and keep up the good work.

To anyone out there

2009-11-23 22:54:43 by killerkaveman

For anyone that would like me to, just ask me to review your music or videos. I think i'm pretty mature with my responses, and only use responses that I hope will only help. I've listened to all kinds of music, so I think I can at least give legitimate advice. Don't be afraid to send me a message, cause I enjoy talking to people as well!