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Im back and a lot more frequent about my page visits

2011-02-22 04:06:14 by killerkaveman

It's been a while since I was a hard core Newgrounds visitor. Now that I have a pretty decent amount of time between work and college, I am back and better than ever with my criticism. I wish I had more in the ways of submitting my own flash cartoons and music, but I dont know of any appropriate software for such a job; otherwise, I'd be making plenty of videos for your viewing/judging pleasure. So if you want to chat or receive votes and positive criticism on your works, I am your man! Also, if you have any good flash programs to recommend to someone as unexperienced as I am, I would like to know. Hell, I would love to know! Thank you Newgrounds for all the entertainment that you provide, and keep up the good work.


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