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Good animation, funny ending, great action. I cant see any setup for a sequel, but if you made others, i'd definitely watch them. The only flaws I could see out of this- First: that the voice acting could have been a little better, but I can understand that good equipment isnt easy to come by. But I did enjoy his conflicting thoughts. Second: Scizor cant fly. I play pokemon, and I know it's an incredibly dorky thing to point out, but I feel compelled to point it out nonetheless.

haitam responds:

He can fly in the series though..which is what I based his movements off.
thanks for the review.

Well damn

I didnt think the animation was amazing, but hell if that wasnt one of the best stories Ive ever heard! I havent seen many spin offs of Ocarina of Time, but this one's my absolute favorite. The characters really make it, and David seems to be way more badass than Link. Also, I like the noises you chose to use: T-rex noise from Jurassic Park for the big black monsters, just made them seem extremely terrifying.

That was enjoyable!

Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy is one of my favorite books/movies, and this flash was equally great. I liked the introduction film, brought on a classic touch to a new age story. Animation was smooth, and already I have my two favorite characters. Plus, I picked up a few pickup lines! This is a series I look forward to most.

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What have you done?! Im addicted you monster!!!

I must apologize, and dont get me wrong me wrong here, I liked it. There are two sections of creativity I see here. 1: You definitely made a new and likable game out of the beloved pokemon series. 2: The use of sprites didnt really make for artistic creativity. You did an excellent jon with this one, and I dont know much about what it takes to make this sort of thing, but it wouldnt be fair to give you props for art. The storyline was a bit unorthodox too, even for pokemon, and I didnt like how the enemy pokemon could grab the candy and pokeballs before actually reaching them. Otherwise, great jobe. I really liked this one.

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It would be a good game

This would be pretty fun if it didn't keep glitching out on me

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Yeah, this is 8-bit

You keep the essence of 8-bit music here alright. 'Course, everyone should know that 8-bit doesn't have ANY bass. Good job here. Sorry about any ignorance.

Awww gawwwwwd...

Like everyone else, I want 0:20-0:45. But just not that, I want to know the title of it for when you finish it, so I can hunt it down. I'm not saying IF you finish it, I'm saying WHEN! Too many demands for you to ignore. And thank you for the music, all your stuff is great work!

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I'm sorry I dont have much to say about this one, Ijust think its an overall good song.

Im a pretty easy guy with a pretty artistic eye, and I know all you artists out there like to be appreciated. I know it seems like I only shell out the compliments with my comments, but the truth is that I wont comment at all unless I like it. Keep it up!

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